Frog of the Week

Mini Mossy Frog (Theloderma bicolor)

Mini Mossy Frog

Common Name: Mini Mossy Frog, Sapa Bug-eyed Frog, or Chapu Bug-eyed Frog
Scientific Name: Theloderma bicolor
Family: Rhacophoridae – Asian Tree Frog family
Locations: China and Vietnam
Size: 2 – 2.5 inches (5.08 – 6.35 cm)

The Mini Mossy Frog hides in the trees and shrubs of the montane evergreen forests. They are rarely seen but more likely to be found during February, March, July, August, and September. February to March is their breed season. The female frog lays her eggs in water-filled holes in trees.

The frog is for sale in the pet trade. Before buying a frog, make sure you are prepared. I wrote this post about preparing yourself for a frog / toad that I think is helpful. Just make sure your frog is captive bred and not wild caught. Mini Mossy Frogs are pretty frogs to look at but are nocturnal so you probably won’t see much action in their tanks. They can be housed in groups of same sized individuals.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List assesses the Mini Mossy Frog as Least Concern for Extinction. Previously, the frog was assessed as Endangered but more populations have been found and researchers are getting better at detecting the secretive frog.

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