Threats to Frogs

Threat to Frogs: Pollution

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When people think of pollution, they usually think about trash in parks or the ocean, but that’s just the tip of the pollution problem. While this type of pollution is a serious problem, it doesn’t affect frogs as much as other types. It is still bad and the plastic can break down and harm frogs.

Frogs have thin skin that allows chemicals and minerals to easily pass into their body. Their eggs don’t have thick, hard shell either and are susceptible as well.

One of the most serious problems for frogs is pesticide runoff from frogs. Various pesticides have been shown to cause harm to frogs. The pesticide Atrazine has been shown to change the sex of frogs, making males produce eggs. Most other pesticides just kill the frog or reduce their immune system. Some frogs have even mutated, adding extra arms and legs.

Besides pesticides, minerals from mining can cause problems for frogs. Aluminium, cadmium, copper, iron, and zinc can all kill frogs. Other minerals such as lead and nickel can mess up frogs too. Also oil spills are bad.

One source of pollution that gets overlooked is light pollution. The light of big cities can screw with the inner workings of frogs. Most frogs are nocturnal and when they see the lights, they still think its day.

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