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Frog or Toad 5/23/17


Is this a frog or a toad? Answer will be posted at 7 pm central time on Wednesday


Herper of the Week: Jodi Rowley


The herper (someone who is interesting in reptiles and amphibians) of the week (and the first of this new series of posts) is Dr. Jodi Rowley.  Dr. Jodi Rowley is the Curator of Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Biology for Australian Museum and UNSW Australia where she works to uncover new and old species of frogs that haven’t been seen in awhile. She is currently looking for the Peppered Tree Frog, Litoria piperata which hasn’t been seen since the 1970’s. She mainly works in Australia and South East Asia.

She also does a lot of conservation work. She is a Tier I Member of the IUCN Amphibian Red List Authority and also the co-chair for Mainland Southeast Asia of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Amphibian Specialist Group.

You should follow her on twitter @jodirowley

She has her own website

Giant Squeaker Frog (Arthroleptis krokosua)

giant squaker

Common Name: Giant Squeaker Frog or Krokosua Squeaker Frog
Scientific Name: Arthroleptis krokosua
Family: Arthroleptidae
Location: Ghana
Size: 1.69 inches or 43 mm

The Giant Squeaker Frog is an incredibly rare frog. There are only around 30 individual frogs known left. The forests of Ghana have been damaged heavily from illegal mining and logging. Also an invasive plant called Chromolaena odorata is changing the ecosystem for the frogs there.

Save the Frogs! Ghana is currently working to save these wonderful frogs.

Suborder Neobatrachia

The Suborder Neobatrachia are the more advanced frogs and toads and are generally the frogs and toads that people know. The name means new frogs since evolved later than the other suborders. The majority of frogs and toads are in this suborder. There are over 30 families of frogs and toads in this suborder so I’m not even gonna bother to list them.

New Species of Mountain Toad discovered

elf frog

A new species of Elf frog has been discovered in Southern Vietnam. Researchers named the new frog Elfish Mountain Toad (Ophryophryne elfina). The genus Ophryophyrne (Asian Mountain Toads) is in the family Megophryidae – the Asian Leaf Litter Frogs. It’s named an Elf toad because of its appearance and small size.

Read more in the journal article –