Threats to Frogs

Threat to Frogs: Habitat Loss


Habitat loss is the biggest threat to frogs, toads, and wildlife in general around the world. Without a suitable habitat for frogs, they will die out. There are 3 different types of Habitat loss:  habitat destruction, habitat fragmentation, and habitat degradation.

Habitat destruction is where the habitat is completely destroyed, such as plowing down trees for a palm oil plantation. The main reason for habitat destruction is actually agriculture to make room for more crops. Other reasons include mining, urban development, and logging.

Habitat fragmentation is where an animal’s habitat is altered that causes confusion to the animal. Dams in rivers, roads through the forest, and border walls cause this problem. This can cut the population of a species into two isolated populations which reduces diversity.  It also makes it harder for the species to find food.

The last one is habitat degradation where a specific attribute of the habitat is lost. This could be something such as polluting the water in a wetland or over- harvesting a species. The removal of one attribute could damage the whole habitat.

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