What to wear while you’re froggin

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If you are new to froggin, you might be wondering what to wear while you go froggin. I’ll go over my suggestions.


What kind of footwear you wear depends on the habitat you are going to be froggin in. Hiking shoes are best for dry, rocky terrain, but for wetter terrain, you want to go with swamp boots / rubber boots or waders.

Wear socks while froggin and pack an extra pair in case you get wet.


I would advise you to wear long pants when froggin, even if it’s hot outside. Long pants protect you better from ticks and poison ivy. ¬†Ticks are the most dangerous thing when froggin.


Any shirt can be worn but a long sleeve shirt is better because it protects you from ticks and mosquitoes.


Definitely wear a hat because it stops flies from crawling in your hair and occasionally stops branches from hitting you in the face. Baseball cap style is preferred.  Headlamps are good for froggin at night. It allows you to use both your hands freely.

Bug Spray can be used but keep it away from your hands. You don’t want to get the spray on the frogs you catch.

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