Frog or Toad 4/25/17


Is this a frog or a toad?



Save the Frogs Day THIS Saturday!


This Saturday the 29th is Save the Frogs Day! Save the Frogs Day takes place on the last Saturday of April. This is the 9th Save the Frogs day and over 1000 events have happened so far for the day in 60 countries. The day is to help raise awareness for frogs and other species that are threatened with extinction. Check out the website – to learn more and watch the video!

Cameroon Reed Frog (Hyperolius camerunensis)


Common Name: Cameroon Reed Frog
Scientific Name: Hyperolious camerunensis
Family: Hyperoliidae
Location: Cameroon
Size: .8 inches to 1.1 inches (21-28 mm) for males, 1 to 1.2 inches (27-32.5 mm)females

Cameroon Reed Frog is found in central Cameroon. They have two different phases. The one up front with the red dots and grayish yellow color and the green phase below.  The males usually have the coloration at the bottom and the females have the one at the top but there has been males found with the female coloration.



Froggin on 4/20/17

I went out froggin yesterday in the creek by my house at around 4 pm in the afternoon. It was around 50 degrees, windy and cloudy.

The first spot I went to showed no frogs sadly but I did find some other wildlife.

I spotted my duck friends. They were huddled down to try to stay out of the wind as best they could. I also spotted some siberian squill which are an invasive species. They also aren’t even from siberia.


Gray Squirrel I spotted on my way to the next spot.


The dead raccoon washed away from the heavy rain. Maybe I’ll see you again lil buddy. This is also by another spot where there has been frogs in the past and there was none.


I think this is some kind of tulip but I’m not sure. I don’t think its native but I’ve seen a few of them in the wild so it be cool if someone told me.


Some deer ran past me. There was five of them I believe. It was really hard to take pictures of.


The wood violets are growing strong so far. Haven’t seen any of the white colored ones.

Once again, no frogs 😦