Threats to Frogs

Threat to Frog: Over-harvesting


One of the driving forces behind the frog extinction crisis is the over-harvest of frogs. Frogs are harvested for a variety of reason: pet trade, food, etc but these can harm the native frog populations. Some frog populations are already too small and removing even a few species could be detrimental to the group.

Besides just removing the frogs from the wild, the trade of frogs and amphibians spread diseases, such as Chytrid Fungus, that kill frogs. The trade is also responsible for some of the invasive species around. One such story is the American Bullfrogs in California. The American Bullfrog isn’t naturally found west of the Rockies but people have brought them over to eat. Sadly, some of the frogs got out and started breeding and took over.

To help stop the problem, you can just not eat frog legs. Also you can try to not import amphibians from other countries and to not get ones that are endangered.



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