Preparing for a Pet Frog or Toad


Frogs and toads are a fairly common pet in the world today. There’s a wide variety of frogs and toad that can be suitable pets. I’m going to prepare you for what it takes and what you need for having a pet frog or toad.

  1. First thing you need to realize that even though frogs and toad are small, it takes a lot of money to create a suitable habitat for them and to pay for food. Make sure to have at least $100 to spend on the proper tank and accessories for the frog and toad.
  2. Frogs can live long. Most frogs and toads can live at least 5 years in captivity and some can live over 20 when properly cared for. It is a commitment to have a frog has a pet. If you need to get rid of your pet frog and toad or just any animal, find someone to take it in. Never release them to the wild.
  3. Research the frog and toad you want. Different frogs have different needs. A Surinam Horned Frog or a Cane Toad needs more of a terrestrial habitat while African Clawed Frogs need an aquatic habitat. Tree frogs such as Green Tree frogs or  Red Eyed Tree Frogs need a much more arboreal set up. Besides the habitat, you need to think about the tank size. African bull frogs and Cane toads can grow quite large so you are going to need a much bigger tank than what you would need to house one poison dart frog. Different frogs also require different temperatures in their tank. Some need it a lot hotter (80 degrees) while other like it cooler. Humidity is another factor in frog care.
  4. Different frogs require different food and a variety of foods. Some examples of food could be crickets, fruit flies, pellets, mice, or earth worms. Frogs usually like their food alive so be prepared to handle the insects or mice.
  5. Frogs shouldn’t be handled often. You should only handle them when removing them from the cage during cleaning. If you want something you can play with, a cat or dog would be better.
  6. Be aware of the conservation status of the frog you plan to get. The harvest of frogs for the pet trade is one of the many factors that are causing the decrease in the frog populations. Try to buy captive bred frogs!
  7. Frogs are more annoying to take care of when it comes to vacations. There are tons of pet sitters for cats and dogs but not many for frogs. Think about who is gonna take care of your pet while you are away.

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