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Oriental Firebellied Toad (Bombina orientalis)


Common Name: Oriental Firebellied Toad
Scientific Name: Bombina orientalis
Family: Bombinatoridae – Fire Bellied Toad
Location:  South Korea, North Korea, Japan, China, and Russia
Size: 1.5 inches or 4 cm

The Oriental Firebellied Toad is a common toad found in the pet trade. They are relatively easy to take care of for a frog or toad. They are diurnal, active during the day, which is good if you want to see them move about. Warning, they are mildly toxic to humans so make sure to wash your hands after handling them. They can live for over 10 years so be ready for that if you buy one. I own three of them myself.

Their bellies are red / orange colored, hence their name. When attacked by a predator they often roll over and arch their back to show off the belly to warn that they are toxic. This is called the unken reflux.

The firebellied  toad hibernates from late September / October  to late April / May. They even form groups of up to 6 individuals to hibernate in rotten trees, leaves, or rocks with. The breeding season starts after the toads awake from their sleep generally in April  and lasts until August.


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