Frog of the Week

Green Mantella (Mantella viridis)


Common Name: Green Mantella, Lime Mantella, and Green Golden Frog
Scientific Name: Mantella viridis
Family: Mantellidae
Location: Madagascar
Max Size: Males around 1 inch or 25 mm and females around 1.2 inch (30 mm)

The Green Mantella is a diurnal (active during the day) species and feeds on insects and other invertebrates that cross its path. It’s one of the larger frogs from the genera Mantella. Like most of the common frogs, the Green Mantella lays eggs that eventually hatch into tadpoles. The female lays the eggs in between rocks and in trunks of dead trees and eventually the heavy rains wash them into a body of water.

The Green Mantella is facing extinction because of habitat destruction from forest fires, logging of forests where they live, and overgrazing by livestock. The species suffered heavily from over-harvesting of them for the pet trade but captive breeding has slowed down the harvesting.


photo by wikiuser Jjargoud

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