Meet Sven, the African Clawed Frog


Sven is the first African Clawed Frog I bought. He is named after the Reindeer in Frozen. I brought him to college with me even though I wasn’t allowed to have him in the dorms. He’s shy, often swims away and hides whenever anyone goes near his tank. He loves to eat food and is getting chunky. I wanna say I got him in 2013 so he’s around 5 years old.


Meet Holly, the Fire Bellied Toad

Holly is another one of my fire bellied toad. She shares a tank with Skyler and Walter Jr. She’s the newest addition but I got her I think in 2014. Interesting story about Holly, when I lived at home, my dad left their tank cover open and she escaped. I couldn’t find her and our basement is a mess so I thought she would die. I found her 6 months later just hopping around. She is green like Skyler but a tad darker shade which helps me with telling them apart. She is also a little smaller.


Meet Stuart, the Snapping Turtle

IMG_0433 (2).JPG

Have you met Stuart, my Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina)? He is the only reptile I own. I received Stuart from someone who could no longer take care of him. Stuart isn’t really the nicest turtle around and will try to bite anyone who comes near him. It makes cleaning his tank an interesting task. Stuart loves eating goldfish but he still has to eat his greens.


Meet Skyler, the Firebellied Toad

Have you met my Oriental Fire bellied toad, Skyler? She was one of the first amphibians I ever got. I was given her and 2 other fire bellied toads after someone gave them to me after they didn’t want them anymore. These toads got me into biology and herpetology. Skyler is the queen of her pond, as she is the largest and bullies the other toads. My firebellied toads are named after Breaking Bad characters.


Meet Olaf, the African Clawed Frog


Olaf is one of my two African Clawed Frogs from the family Pipidae. He is named after Olaf from Frozen and just like that Olaf, my Olaf loves summer too. He is often seen on the beach soaking up the sun in his swim trunks. I bought him and Sven from the local pet store. He eats a variety of food such as worms and those pellets for aquatic frogs. He’s a pig and funny to watch eat because they just use their hands to stuff as much food as they can.


Meet Fox, the Green Tree Frog



Fox is another one of my pet frogs. He is a Green Tree Frog (Hyla cinerea). His full name is Fox Mulder, after the X Files characters. His soul mate, Scully, died earlier this year. Maybe I should get him a new friend. Fox believes the truth is out there and is still trying to find his sister. He eats a variety of different foods including worms, meal worms, and crickets.


Meet Rayna – the African Bullfrog

Rayna is one of my pet frogs. She is an African Bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus). African Bullfrogs are one of the largest species of frogs in the world, but it’s the males that grow the largest, so she won’t get to the 9 inches. She enjoys jazz music and hiding under her log. Her main diet is worms and crickets. Her exact age is unknown. African Bullfrogs are my favorite species of frogs so I had to get her.