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Spotted Stream Frog (Pulchrana picturata)

Spotted Stream Frog (Pulchrana picturata)
photo by CheongWeei Gan

Common Name: Spotted Stream Frog
Scientific Name: Pulchrana* picturata
Family: Ranidae – True Frog family
Location: Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia
Size: 1.5 inches (40 mm) for males, 2.75 inches (70 mm) for females

The Spotted Stream Frog lives in the rain forests of Borneo. Juveniles and subadults live in the leaf litter while adults go to the streams to mate and then live there. The males call from perches above the stream. The female lays her eggs in the stream. The frog has a lot color variations with lines and or stripes on their body that can be orange or yellow.

On a note about the genus, Amphibiaweb lists it in the genus Pulchrana while Amphibians of the World puts them in Hylarana. In the genus, the frog is confused with two other species often – the Western Sunda Spotted Stream Frog (Pulchrana sundabarat) (a relatively new species) and the Striped Stream Frog (Pulchrana signata). Due to the color variations in the frogs, its hard to tell them apart except for their calls and genetics.

Spotted Stream Frog (Pulchrana picturata)
photo by Pylon Dale Imbun

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List assesses the Spotted Stream Frog as Least Concern for Extinction. Deforestation could pose a threat to the frog down the line.

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