Frog of the Week

Montane Litter Frog (Leptobrachium montanum)

Montane Litter Frog (Leptobrachium montanum)
photo by Thomas Brown

Common Name: Montane Litter Frog, Mountain Litter Frog, Mountain Spadefoot Toad, Mountain Large-Eyed Litter Frog
Scientific Name: Leptobrachium montanum
Family: Megophryidae – Leaf Litter Frogs
Location: Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia
Size: 3.4 inches (87 mm)

The Montane Litter Frog lives in the rain forests at elevations of above 900 meters (0.55 miles) on the island of Borneo. They spend most of their time blending in with the leaf litter on the ground.

During the mating season, the males call out for the females with a duck-like call. Once the female arrives, the male grasps her from behind. Female frogs are larger than the males. The female frog lays her eggs in the stream and the male fertilizes them. Then, the frogs leave and provide no care for their offspring.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List assesses the Montane Litter Frog as Least Concern for Extinction. The frogs have a large range and presumed large population. However, increased clearing of the rain forests they call home to make room for palm oil plantations and to just harvest timber are an increasing threat to the frogs.

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