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Megophryidae – Leaf Litter Frogs

Suborder: Mesobatrachia
Number of Genera: 9 – Atympanophrys, Brachytarsophrys, Leptobrachella, Leptobrachium, Megophrys, Ophryophryne, Oreolalax, Scutiger, and Xenophrys
Number of Species: 224

Megophyridae is a frog family from South East Asia. They are named the leaf litter frogs because many of them resemble dead leaves on the ground. They have a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Brachytarsophrys genus is called the Karin Hills frog. They are found in China, Tailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

Leptobrachella is known as the Borneo frogs, slender-armed frogs. They are found in Borneo and Natuna Islands.

Megophrys is known as the Asian Horned Frogs. Most of the species in this genus look like leaves. They are found in South East Asia.

Ophryophryne is known as the mountain toads.

Oreolalax is found in China and Vietnam.

Scutiger is known as the lazy toads. They are found in China, Burma, Nepal, and India.


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