Frog of the Week

Sabana Surinam Toad (Pipa parva)

Sabana Surinam Toad
photo by JSutton93

Common Name: Sabana Surinam Toad, Suriname Dwarf Toad
Scientific Name: Pipa parva
Family: Pipidae– Tongueless Frog family
Locations: Colombia and Venezuela
Size: 0.86 – 1.73 inches (27 – 44 mm)

The Sabana Surinam Toad lives in the lakes, ponds, and marshes in the Lake Maracaibo Basin and has expanded its range recently to the Lake Valencia Basin. It is a highly aquatic species, only moving on land once their water bodies start to dry up or during the rain.

Reproduction methods of the toad is similar to the other toads in the family. In the water, the male frog grabs the female from behind around the waist. Then, the female frog starts to swim up to the surface and somersaults back down repeatedly. She lays her eggs while she does this and the male fertilizes the eggs and pushes them into her back. The female carries the eggs around in her back for around 30 days before the eggs hatch and tadpoles come out.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List assesses the Sabana Surinam Toad as Least Concern for Extinction. They have a wide range, large population, and are very adaptable to changes. The toads are even expanding their range which could have negative effects on other species. There are no threats known to the frog atm.

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