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Pipidae -Tongueless Frog Family

Suborder: Mesobatrachia
Number of Genera: 4 – Pipa, Xenopus, Hymenochirus, Pseudhymenochirus
Number of Species: 41

Pipidae is known as the Tongueless frog family since they have no tongues. Other notable traits of the family are fully webbed back legs, flatted body, and having a lateral line system. These frogs are mostly fully aquatic, only come up to the surface to breath or to move from a drying up pond.

Members of the family are popular in the frog trade. I have owned African Clawed Frogs and Dwarf Clawed Frogs.

Pipa is the Suriname Toad or Star-Fingered Toad genus. They are found in South America and Central America.

Xenopus is the Clawed Frog genus. They are native to sub-Saharan Africa but they have been introduced to the states.

Pseudhymenochirus has only one species in it, the Merlin’s Dwarf Gray Frog (Pseudhymenochirus merlini). It is found in Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Sierra Leone.

The genus Hyemnochirus is known as the Dwarf Clawed Frog or African dwarf frogs. It contains four species from Africa. They are smaller than the genus Xenopus.


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