Frog of the Week

Woodworker Frog (Limnodynastes lignarius)

Woodworker Frog
photo by Melissa Bruton

Common Name: Woodworker Frog or Carpenter Frog
Scientific Name: Limnodynastes lignarius
Family: Myobatrachidae – Australian Ground Frog family
Locations: Australia
Size: 2.6 inches (6.5 cm)

The Woodworker Frog lives near rocky areas in northern Australia. It is named after its call that sounds like someone hammering. The breeding season lasts from December to March (possibly April). The males calls out to attract the female. Once the female arrives, the male grasps the female from behind in amplexus position. Before laying her eggs, the female whips up a foam nest to protect the eggs from drying out. Then, the female frog lays between 350 – 400 eggs.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List assess the Woodworker Frog as Least Concern for Extinction. It has a wide range and a presumed large population.

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