Frog of the Week

Madagascar Bright-eyed Frog (Boophis madagascariensis)

Madagascar Bright-eyed Frog
photo by Charles J Sharp

Common Name: Madagascar Bright-eyed Frog
Scientific Name: Boophis madagascariensis
Family: Mantellidae
Locations: Madagascar
Size: 2.3 – 3.1 inches (60 – 80 mm)

The Madagascar Bright-eyed Frog lives in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar. Often found during the day on vegetation and in bamboo tree holes.

During the mating season, the males call out loudly to attract females. Once the female arrives, the male grasps her from behind in the amplexus position. Then, the female frog lays her eggs and the male fertilizes them. The female can lay at least 400 eggs at a time.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List categorizes the Madagascar Bright-eyed Frog as Least Concern with Extinction. The frog has a wide range and are thought to be numerous throughout it. The major threat to these guys is the destruction of their habitat for agriculture, timber harvesting,

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