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Suborder: Neobatrachia
Number of Subfamilies: 3 – Boophinae (1 genera), Laliostominae (2 genera), Mantellinae (9 genera)
Number of Genera: 12
Boophinae: Boophis
Laliostominae: Aglyptodactylus and Laliostoma
Mantellinae: Blommersia, Boehmantis, Gephyromantis, Guibemantis, Mantella, Mantidactylus, Spinomantis, Tsingymantis, and Wakea.
Number of Species: 213

Mantellidae is a family of frogs only found on Madagascar and the nearby small islands. Most Mantellids are terrestrial but there are some that are aquatic, arboreal, and partially fossorial .

The species in the genus Boophis have common tree frog traits. They live an arboreal life style. They are found in Madagascar and Mayotte Island. Their skin can be somewhat see thru like the glass frogs which gave them the nickname the Skeleton Frogs.

The genus Aglyptodactylus is known as the Madagascar jumping frogs. They are found only in Madagascar.

The genus Laliostoma only has one known species, the Madagascar Bullfrog (Laliostoma labrosum).

The genus Boehmantis only has one species: Angel’s Madagascar Frog (Boehmantis microtympanum). The species is named after it’s discoverer Fernand Angel.

The genus Mantella is the namesake of the family. Most of the species that people know are from this genus.

The genus Tsingymantis has only one species Tsingymantis antitra.

The genus Wakea only has one species in it, the Wakea madinika. It is the smallest species of the whole family.

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