Family Friday



Species: 212
Subfamilies: 3 – Boophinae (1 genera, 77 species), Laliostominae (2 genera, 7 species), Mantellidae (9 genera, 128 species)
Genera: Boophinae – Boophis, Laliostominae – Aglyptodactylus and Laliostoma, Mantellidae – Blommersia, Boehmantis, Gephyromantis, Guibemantis, Mantella, Mantidactylus, Spinomantis, Tsingymantis, and Wakea

Mantellidae is a family of frogs only found on Madagascar. Most Mantellids are terrestrial but there are some that are aquatic, arboreal, and partially fossorial .


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