Frog of the Week

Seychelles Frog (Sooglossus sechellensis)

Seychelles Frog
photo by Seychelles Islands Foundation
Conservation status is Endangered

Common Name: Seychelles Frog
Scientific Name: Sooglossus sechellensis
Family: Sooglassidae
Locations: Seychelles
Size: 0.64 – 0.69 inches (16.4 – 17.7 mm)

The Seychelles Frog lives in the leaf litter in the forests on the islands of Mahé, Silhouette and Praslin. They are one of the smallest frogs in the world. The females frog lay their eggs on the land. The frogs don’t need water because there is no tadpole phase. The eggs hatch directly into small froglets.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List assesses the Seychelles Frog as Endangered. The main threats to the frog is invasive species and climate change. The habitat for the frogs is being reduced due to Cinnamomum verum, an invasive species. Sea water rise from climate change is suppose to decrease the size of the islands. The frog is only found on 3 small islands which doesn’t help with its survival.

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