Frog of the Week

Maranon Poison Frog (Excidobates mysteriosus)

Maranon Poison Frog
photo by Henk Wallays
Conservation status is Endangered

Common Name: Maranon Poison Frog
Scientific Name: Excidobates mysteriosus
Family: Dendrobatidae – Poison Dart Frog family
Locations: Peru
Size: 1.06 – 1.14 inches (27 – 29 mm)

The Maranon Poison Frog lives in scrub forests in eastern Peru. Like most members of the family Dendrobatidae, the frog has bright colors that warn predators that they are poisonous. This allows them to be active during the day. They spend most of their time near water holding bromeliads. The males even call from the bromeliads. The male moves the eggs into separate bromeliad water spots.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List categories the Maranon Poison Frog as Endangered. Humans destroyed most of the habitat to make room for cities and coffee farms. Now, the frog only lives in 3 small forest areas. Luckily, conservation groups have bought these areas to protect them. Still, smugglers are taking the frogs for the illegal pet trade. The species has reproduced in captivity.

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