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Banna Caecilian (Ichthyophis bannanicus)

1390197814.1401_Banna Caecilian_Khoi (7).jpg
Common Name: Banna Caecilian
Scientific Name: Ichthyophis bannanicus
Family: Ichthyophiidae
Location: China, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar
Size: 14.9 inches / 38 mm long

Like most caecilians, not that much is known about the Banna Caecilian because of their secret, burrowing life style. The adult form of the Banna Caecilian is terrestrial while the larval form is aquatic. The adults spend their time digging in the dirt on the forest floor. Females dig a hole near water in April and May and lay 30ish eggs in there. The eggs hatch and the larva moves over to the water to live until they reach adulthood.

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