Frog of the Week

Emerald Glass Frog (Espadarana prosoblepon)

Emerald Glass Frog
photo by Brian Gratwicke

Common Name: Emerald Glass Frog, Nicaragua Giant Glassfrog
Scientific Name: Espadarana prosoblepon
Family: Glass Frog Family – Centrolenidae
Location: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Panama
Size: 1.2 inches (31 mm) for females, 1.1 inches (28 mm) for males

The Emerald Glass Frog is a beautiful frog from Central and South America. Like other glass frogs, the Emerald Glass Frogs skin is see through, hence the name and they live their lives in the trees. The Emerald Glass Frog even mates in the trees.

Male Emerald Glass Frogs claim territory over hanging trees during the mating season which is from May to November (during the rainy season).  If another male enters the territory, a fight may break out. These fights can take over 30 minutes long and last until one frog falls from the tree or gives up.

When the female enters the territory, the male jumps on her back and they start to reproduce. They lay their eggs on leaves or rocks overhanging streams and then they leave. The eggs hatch a week or so later and the tadpoles then fall into the stream.

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