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Herper of the Week: Molly Albecker


The goal of Herper of the Week is to highlight people from all walks of life who work with reptiles and amphibians and show their work to others.  This month, all the Herpers of the Week will be women for Women’s History Month. This week’s Herper is Molly Albecker, Ph.D candidate at East Carolina University in McCoy’s Lab.

Her research focuses on characterizing patterns of local adaptation in amphibians inhabiting saline habitats by determining how phenotypes (behavior, life history, physiology) at different life stages (egg, tadpole, adult) differ across populations.

She earned her Master’s from East Carolina University and her Bacherlor’s at the Mary Washington University. Her Master’s thesis was on  the Risk assessment and behavioral choices of larval anurans (Rana sphenocephala).

You can visit her website to learn more


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