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Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog (Ascaphus montanus )

photo by Ryan Killackey

Common Name: Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog, Inland Tailed Frog, and Eastern Tailed Frog
Scientific Name: Ascaphus montanus
Family: Ascaphidae – Tailed Frogs
Locations: Canada and the United States
US Locations: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington
Size: Around 2 inches (50 mm)

As the name suggests, the Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog is found near the Rocky Mountains and the males posses a tail that they use for reproduction. It is one of the only two species that normally posses a tail in adulthood. The other is the Coastal Tailed Frog. The Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog is an ancient frog species as it has 9 presacral vertebrae while most have 8 or fewer. This resembles more of the earlier frogs.


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