Frogs by State

Frogs and Toads of Idaho

Frogs and Toads of Idaho


True Frog Family – Ranidae

Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens)

Both the Northern Leopard Frog and Columbia Spotted Frog have spots but the Northern Leopard Frog has larger spots that cover all of the body. Also the Columbia Spotted Frog has wide stripe by it’s lips that extends to jaw.

Wood Frog (Rana sylvatica)

The Wood Frog is an easy to identify frog due to the dark black mask around their eyes. They are only found in the northern tip of the state.

Tree Frog Family – Hylidae

The Pacific Tree Frog has no lines down it’s back. It has a black line that goes down its eye and down its side.

The Boreal Chorus Frog has three lines down it’s back which is the key trait to tell it apart from other tree frogs in the state.

Tailed Frog Family  – Ascaphidae

Male Coastal Tailed Frogs have a tail like structure on their body when they are adults. They have vertical pupils in the eyes and rough skin like a toad.


True Toad Family – Bufonidae

The Western Toad does not have a cranial crest on it’s head while the Woodhouse’s Toad does.

Spadefoot Toad Family – Scaphiopodidae

The Great Basin Spadefoot is the only spadefoot toad in the state. They have a spade on their foot which makes them distinct.


American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)

The American Bullfrog has been introduced to the state. It is a highly invasive species and can eat a wide range of wildlife because of it’s size.


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