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Colorado River Toad (Incilius alvarius)

Image from Thevelvetknight

Common Name: Colorado River Toad, Sonoran Desert Toad
Scientific Name: Incilius alvarius
Family: Bufonidae
Location: United States (Arizona, California, New Mexico) and Mexico
Size: 7.3 inches or 187 mm

The Colorado River Toad is the second largest native toad species in the United States, the Cane Toad is larger but its not native. The toad is more famous for the fact that it’s psychoactive because it produces 5-MeO-DMT and Bufotenin which are hallucinogens. These drugs are illegal to possess, distribute, buy, or manufacture in the USA. Possession of the toad is not illegal but the police can arrest if they believe you own them for making drugs. It’s also illegal to take the toad from the wild in California and New Mexico.



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