Herper of the week

Herper of the Week: Dr. Natalie Calatayud


The Herper (amphibian and reptile enthusiast) of the Week is Dr. Natalie Calatayud She currently works at the San Diego Zoo as a Postdoc in Reproductive Sciences. She is also  working on the recovery and reintroduction of Mountain Yellow Legged Frogs.  She is also a consultant for the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife’s boreal toad recovery team. Her work in the states is almost over and she will be moving back to Australia. You can help her move her wonderful dogs by donating at this website. https://www.youcaring.com/sanchoandluna-816995

Natalie Calatayud obtained her doctorate in Reproductive Physiology and Molecular Biology of marsupials at Melbourne University but she did a postdoc fellowship at Mississippi State where she got into frogs.

You can follow her on twitter @MY_LFslive



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