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Herper of the Week: George Rabb


The Herper of the Week is George Rabb, former director of the Brookfield Zoo. Sadly, he died on July 27, 2017. Before getting involved at the Brookfield zoo, George Rabb earned a Ph.D from the University of Michigan in Zoology.  He joined the Brookfield Zoo in 1956 and started working on improving the animals lives. He started the first nutrition lab and first stress testing lab for the animals at the zoo. He lead the way to make the zoo exhibits have more natural habitats for the animals inside. He also pushed zoos to help out with conservation.

George Rabb was very important to the amphibian conservation movement. He established the IUCN’s Species Survival Commission Declining Amphibian Population Task Force to determine the cause of amphibian declines.

Just read this article to learn more about this good man – http://www.amphibians.org/news/george-rabb-founder-amphibian-conservation-movement/


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