Other Amphibian of the Week

Patch-nosed Salamander (Urspelerpes brucei)

a yellow Patch-nosed Salamander (Urspelerpes brucei) sitting on some vegetation
photo by Todd Pierson

Common Name: Patch-nosed Salamander
Scientific Name: Urspelerpes brucei
Family: Plethodontidae – lungless salamanders
Locations: United States – Georgia and South Carolina
Size: 1 inch

The Patch-nosed Salamander is a relatively new species of salamander to science, only being described in 2009. It is the only species in its genus РUrspelerpes. They are closely related to the Brook Salamanders (genus Eurycea) but the Patch-nosed Salamander has five toes on their hind feet while the Brook Salamanders has only four. Males of the Patch-nosed Salamander have a bright yellow back with two dorsal stripes while the females have a blander yellow color with no stripes.

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