Family Friday

Rhinatrematidae – American Tailed Caecilians

photo from Leandro J.C.L. Moraes, Alexandre P. de Almeida, Rafael de Fraga, Rommel R. Zamora, Renata M. Pirani, Ariane A.A. Silva, Vinícius T. de Carvalho, Marcelo Gordo, Fernanda P. Werneck.

Number of Genera: 2 – Epicrionops and Rhinatrema
Number of Species: 11

The family Rhinatrematidae is one of the most ancient families of caecilians. Members of the species still have ancient traits such as true tails and terminal positioned mouth. They are found in northern South America.

The members of the genus Epicrionops is known as the beaked caecilians while the members of the genus Rhinatrema is known as the two lined caecilians.


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