Frog of the Week

Rutenberg’s Reed Frog (Heterixalus rutenbergi)

photo by Franco Andreone


Common Name: Rutenberg’s Reed Frog
Scientific Name: Heterixalus rutenbergi
Family: Hyperoliidae
Location: Madagascar
Size: about a inch or 25 mm

The Rutenberg’s Reed Frog is a medium sized frog that is found only in the moorlands in central Madagascar. They live high up in swamps at elevations above 1000 meters.

Not much is known about the frog. Tadpoles and eggs have not been recorded. Males call for females in January so breeding happens during that time and shortly after.

The frog is listed as Near Threatened because of habitat lose. The swamps and bogs that the Rutenberg’s Reed Frog are being turned into rice fields that the frogs don’t like.

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