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Hynobiidae – Asiatic Salamanders

Number of Genera: 9 – Batrachuperus, Hynobius, Liua, Pachyhynobius, Paradactylodon, Pseudohynobius, Ranodon, Salamandrella, and Onychodactylus
Number of Species: 67
Hynobiidae is a family of salamanders referred to as the Asiatic Salamanders because they are found dun dun dun… in Asia. They are closely related to the Giant Salamander family – Cryptobranchidae. The family is broken into 2 subfamilies,¬†Hynobiinae and Onychodactylinae.¬†Onychodactylus is the only genus in the subfamily Onychodactylinae.¬†

Batrachuperus is known as the Stream or Mountain Salamanders. They are found in China and Myanmar.

The genus Liua is found in only China.

Shangcheng Stout Salamander (Pachyhynobius shangchengensis) is the only member of the genus Pachyhynobius.

The genus Paradactylodon is known as the Middle Eastern Salamanders because they are found in Iran and Afghanistan.

The genus Pseudohynobius is only found in China.

Semirechensk Salamander (Ranodon sibiricus) is the only species in the genus Ranodon. It is found in China and Kazakhstan

The genus Salamandrella is called the Siberan Salamanders.

Onychodactylus is known as the Clawed Salamanders.

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