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Abe’s Salamander (Hynobius abei)

photo by Japanese Ministry of the Environment 

Common Name: Abe’s Salamanader
Scientific Name: Hynobius abei
Family: Hynobiidae – Asiatic Salamanders
Location: Japan
Size: 1.9 – 2.8 inches snout to vent, 3.2–4.8 inches total length

The Abe’s Salamander is only found in Japan, in the secondary bamboo forest or deciduous hardwood forests. The salamander’s populations aren’t doing that well. There aren’t that many left and they are in danger of because extinct due to habitat loss. The breeding season for the salamander starts during November and December, when there is snow. Females can lay up to 109 eggs during the season. Larvae doesn’t undergo metamorphosis until late summer or even until next year. The Abe’s Salamander is named after Yoshio Abe, a Japanese zoologist.

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