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Taita African Caecilian (Boulengerula taitana)

image by wikiuser Milvus

Common Name: Taita African Caecilian, Taita Hills Caecilian, and Taita Mountains Caecilian
Scientific Name: Boulengerula taitana
Family: Herpelidae
Location: Kenya
Size: 1.1 feet or 348 mm

Like most caecilians, the Taita African Caecilian spends most of its life underground. They do come to the surface to move easier when it’s raining but otherwise, they are down in the ground.

What makes this caecilian interesting is that the female caecilian lays 2-9 eggs (lowest of any caecilian) that later hatch into tiny caecilians skipping any larva phase. Then the baby caecilians chow down on mommy. The female develops a thick skin before the eggs hatch which the babies feed on.

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