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Gulf Coast Waterdog by Brad M. Glorioso

Number of Genera: 2 – Necturus (5) and Proteus (1)
Number of Species: 6

Proteidae is a family of aquatic salamanders found in North America and the Balkans. The members of the family retain their gills into adulthood and have four limbs unlike Sirens, Amphiuma, and Caecilians. Often these species are confused with Axolotls but Axolotl’s belong to a different family.

Mud Puppy from the National Park Service

The genus Necturus is found in Eastern North America. The Mudpuppies and Waterdogs make up this genus. They are found in lakes, ponds, and streams. Mudpuppies and Waterdogs are active usually during the night to hide but can be active during the day in muddy waters.

Olm by Arne Hodalič

The genus Proteus has only one living species left in it, the Olm (Proteus anguinus) which is found in the Balkans in Europe. The Olm lives in underground caves with water inside.

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