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Suborder: Neobatrachia
Number of Genera: 4 – Atelognathus, Batrachyla, Chaltenobatrachus, and Hylorina
Number of Species: 15

Batrachylidae is a family of frogs from Chile and Argentina. It used to be a subfamily of the family Ceratophryidae, the Horned Frogs, but were removed because of genetics sequencing and it’s actually closer related to Rhinodermatidae.

Patagonia Frog by Boris Blotto

The genus Atelognathus is known as the Patagonia frogs. It is from the Patagonia in southern Argentina and Chile.

The genus Batrachyla is known as the Southern Wood Frogs because they look like the Wood Frog.

The genus Chaltenobatrachus only has one species Puerto Eden frog Chaltenobatrachus grandisonae which is also found in the Patagonia. It’s named after the location where they found in Puerto Edén, Chile.

Emerald Forest Frog by José Grau de Puerto Montt

The only species in the genus Hylorina is the Emerald Forest Frog (Hylorina sylvatica). It is found in the austral forests along the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountain range in Chile and Argentina.

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