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Scolecomorphidae – African Caecilians


Genera: 2 – Crotaphatrema (3) and Scolecomorphus (3)
Species: 6

Scolecomorphidae is the African or tropical Caecilian family. The species in the family are found in Africa and split west and east. The genus Crotaphatrema is found in the west in Cameroon and the genus Scolecomorphus is found in the east in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Scolecomorphus is also viviparous meaning they give live birth, not lay eggs.

These caecilians only have vestigial eyes that are attached to tentacles under their mouth. They also have only primary annuli instead of secondary or tertiary annuli which all other caecilians have. Annuli are grooves that run around the caecilian’s body.

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