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Ptychadenidae – Grassland Frogs

Suborder: Neobatrachia
Number of Genera: 3 – Hildebrandtia, Lanzarana, Ptychadena
Number of Species: 53

Ptychadenidae is a family of frogs from Sub-Saharan Africa. The family used to be part of Ranidae – the True Frog family but was changed to it’s own family.

The genus Hildebrandtia is named the Hildebrandt’s burrowing frog or Ornate Frogs.

The genus Lanzarana only has one species, the Lanza’s frog (Lanzarana largeni). It is found only in Somalia.

The genus Ptychadena is known as the Grass Frogs or Rigid Frogs. This genus has also been introduced outside of sub-Saharan Africa in places such as Madagascar, Seychelles Islands, and Mascarene Islands.

Images by Jjargoud  and Ryanvanhuyssteen

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