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Barking Frog (Craugastor augusti)

Photo by Sean Michael Rovito

Common Name: Barking Frog
Scientific NameCraugastor augusti
Family: Craugastoridae
Country Location: United States and Mexico
State Location: Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas
Size: 1.9 – 3.7 inches or 47 – 94 mm

The Barking Frog isn’t a regular tree frog that most people are used to. It doesn’t belong to the family Hylidae, it belongs to Craugastroidae. All the members of the family Craugastroidae are direct developing which means that when they hatch, they are already froglets.

The Barking Frog has three subspecies: Common Barking Frog (Craugastor augusti augusti), Western Barking Frog (Craugastor augusti cactorum), and Eastern Barking Frog (Craugastor augusti latrans).

The frog is named after it’s call that sounds like a barking sound. The species epithet – augusti , is named after Auguste Duméril, a zoologist.

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