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Northern Dwarf Siren – USGS

Genera: Pseudobranchus (2) and Siren (3)
Species: 5 – Lesser Siren (Siren intermedia), Greater Siren (Siren lacertina), Reticulated Siren (Siren reticulata), Southern Dwarf Siren (Pseudobranchus axanthus), and Northern Dwarf Siren (Pseudobranchus striatus)

Sirenidae is a small family of amphibians thta is found in the Southern United States and Mexico. The family is split into two living genera – Dwarf Sirens (Pseduobranchus) and Siren – Regular Sirens. There are other genera in the fossil record.

The main characteristic of the family is lack of hind legs. They also have long, eel-like bodies with gills. They eat both plants and animals.

Southern Dwarf Siren by USGS

Dwarf Sirens (Pseudobranchus) differ from Sirens on how many toes they have on each foot. Dwarf Sirens have three toes on each foot than four on each foot such as Siren.

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