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Reticulated Siren (Siren reticulata)

photo by Pierson Hill

Common Name: Reticulated Siren
Scientific Name: Siren reticulata
Family:  Sirenidae – Siren family
Location: United States – Florida and Alabama
Size: 2 feet (60.96 cm)

The Reticulated Siren is a new species of amphibian! It was only recently described by researchers David Steen, Sean P Graham, Richard Kline, and Crystal Kelehear. The Reticulated Siren is a highly aquatic species of amphibian, living at the bottom of ponds and swamps. Its currently found in southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Like all Sirens, the Reticulated Siren lacks hind legs and has gills. They have a long eel like body.

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