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Suborder: Neobatrachia
Sub-families: 2 – Cacosterninae (76) and Pyxicephalinae (7)
Number of Genera: 12
Cacosterninae – Amietia (16), Anhydrophryne (3), Arthroleptella (10), Cacosternum (17), Microbatrachella (1), Natalobatrachus (1), Nothophryne (1), Poyntonia (1), Strongylopus (11), and Tomopterna (15)
Pyxicephalinae – Aubria (3) and Pyxicephalus (4)
Number of Species: 83

Pyxicephalidae is a family of frogs from Sub-Saharan Africa. The family used to be considered part of the true frog family – Ranidae.

The genus Amietia is known as the River Frogs or Large-mouthed frogs.

Arthroleptella is known as the Moss Frogs.

Cacosternum is known as the Cacos, Dainty Frogs, and Metal Frogs.

The genus Microbatrachella only has one species – the Micro Frog or Cape Flats Frog (Microbatrachella capensis). It is found in South Africa.

The genus Natalobatrachus only has one species – Natal diving frog, Boneberg’s frog, or Kloof frog (Natalobatrachus bonebergi). It is from South Africa.

The genus Nothophryne only has one species – Broadley’s Mountain Frog or the Mongrel Frog (Nothophryne broadleyi). It is found in Malawi and Mozambique.

The genus Poyntonia has only one species – Montane Marsh Frog or the Kogelberg Reserve Frog. It is found only in South Africa.

Strongylopus is known as the Stream Frogs.

The genus Tomopterna is known as the Sand frogs, Burrowing frogs, or the Old World bullfrogs.

Pyxicephalus is known as the African Bullfrogs.


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