Photography Adventure 7/7/17

I went out on an adventure to take some quality photos of nature and wildlife last Friday. Here are those pictures.


Here is an adorable bunny.


One of the many butterflies I saw but most of them are bad and wouldn’t sit still for me.


Some flowers that I thought looked cool.


Green frog, not a great pic but this website is named Gone Froggin.


Some damselfly. I like that its blue. Hit me up if you know species.


Here is a morning dove that just wants to play volleyball but no one will play with him.

Now we are moving from the creek area down to Lake Michigan.

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The progression of a Canadian Goose cleaning its back.


His friend was tired and was napping.





Some big fish I saw. The one of the right is definitely a carp but I’m not sure on the one on the left.


Last but not least, I found this Great Blue Heron. The wing of the bird was badly damaged so I called the local wildlife rehab place but they didn’t answer the phone and on their recorded message, they said they didn’t take herons. There’s no other rehabers in my area so I called the DNR to ask wtf to do. I sat on hold for 45 minutes until they got to my call. They transferred me to a state biologist so we talked. He wasn’t working today so he didn’t want to come out and look at it so he said I could leave it or I could catch it and take it to a place a hour away. I decided to catch it. If you notice from the pic, it is almost in Lake Michigan.  I was close to my work so I dropped off my camera, cellphone, and wallet so if I fell in, I wouldn’t ruin them. I also grabbed a small wash cloth to put over its eyes.  I walked back and caught the heron and brought it back over to my work. I got someone to give me my cellphone so I could call for a ride back to my house and to bring a  bigger towel since I walked down here and the one I had was small. Before I could make the call, the heron knocked down the cloth over its eyes and started freaking out on me so I lost my grip and it got away from me.


So now its free on the sidewalk close to the main street of town. I try to catch it but then a cop pulls up. I have to explain the story to the cop but he won’t let me catch it again. He starts calling people to try to take it but no one will besides the place that’s a hour away. He doesn’t want to take it there so he comes up with a plan to move the heron down to the creek area with a broom. He gets the heron to move but it winds up in a small planted tree and bush area next to some condos. He decides this is good enough and he leaves. So yeah I couldn’t take him anywhere.

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