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Fire Bellied Toad Family – Bombinatoridae

Suborder: Archaeobatrachia
Genera: 2 – Bombina  and Barbourula 
Species: 10

The family Bombinatoridae is found throughout Europe and Asia with the genus Barbourula mainly being found in Asia. The members of the family have triangle or eliptical pupils and 8 pre-sacral vertebrae. Bombinatoridae is a primitive family of frogs and toads.

The genus Bombina is refered to as the fire bellied toads after their stomachs.  They are more colorful than the genus Barbourula. They are also diurnal (active during the day) while Barbourula is nocturnal (active during the night).

Image by Pierre Fidenci

Barbourula is know as the jungle toads. They are found in the Philippines and Indonesia.

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