Frog of the Week

European Fire Bellied Toad (Bombina bombina)

Image by  Marek Szczepanek

Common Name: European Fire Bellied Toad
Scientific Name: Bombina bombina
Family: Bombinatoridae
Location: Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Western Asia
Size: 2.3 inches or 60 mm

The European Fire Bellied Toad is a poisonous species of toad. It creates toxins that many animals do not want to eat. To show off they are poisonous to predators, the toad performs the unkenreflex. The toad turns over and arches its stomach at the predator.

yellow bellied toad performing the unkenreflex by Woluhar

The European Fire Bellied Toad has a large range stretching from Germany to Russia and down to Turkey and Greece. In the western parts of the range, the toad is disappearing. The destruction of wetlands that they call home is the cause.


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