find the frog

Find the Frog #8


Since it’s basically winter here, I haven’t gone out froggin but someone wanted me to post a find a frog so here’s one from my own frogs. Try to find him!

Frog or Toad

Answer to Frog or Toad 11/14/17


The answer to this week’s frog or toad is….FROG. It is an Ornate Frog (Hildebrandtia ornata) from the family Ptychadenidae. It is found throughout most of sub-Saharan Africa.

How can you tell? The body shape looks very toad-like and it has some bumps but the key things are that it doesn’t have a parotid gland behind it’s eye. Also if you have seen my African Bullfrog Rayna, they look alike.

Rayna <333