Pet Update

Here’s an update on my pets, I’m probably gonna do one of these a month.

Hall and Oates

Hall and Oates are my twin tabby cats, They are around one and a half years old. Oates (the gray one) is the more cuddly of the two while Hall likes belly rubs more.

Rayna the African Bullfrog

Rayna is still going strong, I have no idea how old she is since I got her off craigslist.

Tyrion the Dyeing Poison Dart Frog

Tyrion is my sole poison dart frog atm. I’ve had him since December 2019 and he or she is doing well.

Mario the Tomato Frog

Mario is the newest member of the team. I got him around April this year.

Sven and Olaf the African Clawed Frogs

Sven and Olaf are my oldest frogs, I can’t remember exactly when I got them but it was during college between 2013-2015.

The Hound and The Mountain (Axolotls)

The Hound (white) and the Mountain (black) are two axolotls that I got off of craigslist for free in 2019. They still rocking on.

Stuart the Snapping Turtle

Stuart is doing well. He is getting a lot bigger and i’m gonna soon need to buy him a new tank.

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