Frog of the Week

Common Lesser Escuercito (Odontophrynus americanus)

photo by Raul Maneyro

least concern
Common Name: Common Lesser Escuercito or American Ground Frog
Scientific Name: Odontophrynus americanus
Family: Odontophrynidae
Locations: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay
Size: 1.75 inches (4.6 mm)

The Common Lesser Escuercito is a nocturnal frog found in semi arid and humid forests. They are a fossorial species, living underground, only coming to the surface to breed. Breeding happens after heavy rains. They can breed in permanent or temporary bodies of water. Males are highly territorial and will even fight each other for the best calling spot. They will call from the shallows to attract the females and then breed. After breeding, both parents leave and perform no parental care.


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