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Gold Striped Salamander (Chioglossa lusitanica)

photo by wikiuser Drow male

Common Name: Gold Striped Salamander
Scientific Name: Chioglossa lusitanica
Family: Salamandridae
Location: Spain and Portugal
Size: 6.5 inches or 164 mm

The Gold Striped Salamander is found in the northwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. Mating takes place mainly during fall but the salamanders in the northwestern part of the range breed during spring. Females only lay up to 20 eggs at a time. The Golden Striped Salamander is terrestrial (lives on land) and nocturnal (active at night). The salamander has two cool superpowers. Their tongue can shoot out almost a third of an inch, allowing them to capture prey easier. They can also drop their tall if in trouble from a predator and the tail will still move minutes after. They can regrow a new tail too.


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